Friday, August 6, 2010


It occurred to me the other day that maybe the biggest problem with being unemployed has more to do with the spin we put on it rather than the lost job, money, self-esteem, et al. Maybe one of the government agencies, be it federal or state, should try some bumper sticker slogans that might shed some light on the positive aspects of joblessness. Being that I am currently unemployed and have both the insight into joblessness and the requisite time on my hands, I thought I might take a few stabs. Tell me what you think.

Unemployment: Nah...go ahead. Take a nap.
Unemployment: You're high? It's noon? Job well done, Willie. Job well done.
Unemployment: The beer makes the hurt go bye-bye.
Unemployment: Watchin' Scrubs, eh? Yeaaaaaah.
Unemployment: MMMMMM.....Ramen!....
Unemployment: Eh, showering is sooo last year!
Unemployment: Glad I spent that 70 large on a Masters degree.
Unemployment: Because if I don't watch TV at 4am, who will?
Unemployment: Who needs insurance anyway?
Unemployment: It's like a long vacation...without the fun, food, money, and exotic locale.
Unemployment: Think of all the interesting people you'll meet in the unemployment lines!
Unemployment: 'Cause all that self-esteem was just slowing you down...
Unemployment: CHICKS DIG IT!!
Unemployment: Now you've got time to work on that screenplay!
Unemployment: It's like prison...without the social life.

That's it for now. (Maybe) more to come if i think of any.

Stay positive!

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